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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg - Harrisburg Hot Tub Covers
Harrisburg serves as the capital city of Pennsylvania and the tenth largest city in the United States. Position-wise, Harrisburg lies on the banks of banks of river Susquehanna to the east and 107 miles to the west of Philadelphia.

Climate and geography

The climate of Harrisburg is humid continental. The climate has four distinct but mild seasons throughout the year. Though summers are often warm, they occasionally get hot with relative humidity. Winters are on the other hand mild.

Population and demographics

In Harrisburg, the population density is 2036% above that of Pennsylvania. Conversely, the median age of Harrisburg population is 21% lower than Pennsylvania. Out of the total population, 33.21% consists of Caucasians while the rest are African Americans and Asians.


Up until Chernobyl, Harrisburg was negatively famous for being the spot where the world’s worst nuclear accident happened. The accident took place at the Three Mile Island power station. However, there are a number of things to smile about ranging from cultural artifacts and other tourist attractions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pennsylvania state capitol– this is an Italian Renaissance building which contains well over six hundred rooms and sits on two acres of land. The building was dedicated in the year 1906 and was graced by President of that time, Theodore Roosevelt. What’s peculiar about the building is the 272-foot dome on the top which was inspired by St. Peters Basilica in Rome. As well, the building is characterized by murals, bronze doors, a marble staircase, and stained glass windows also inspired by building in Paris, Grand Opera House.
  • Harrisburg City Island - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversCity Island– this is an island park found in the middle of Susquehanna River. The island is known for being the home of senator’s baseball team. The park also features a plethora of attractions as well as many areas for recreation and sports. Among the highlights of the city include nature trails, a bathing beach, batting cages, and jogging tracks just to mention a few. During the months of summer, this place is inviting and experiences an influx in the population of people coming to visit from their regions.
  • Pride of Susquehanna– the river Susquehanna plays host to the Pride of Susquehanna which plies its waters from spring until late fall. This paddle wheeler offers great narrated tours on the history of the city. There exists a variety of cruises ranging from a 45-minute sightseeing cruise to a music cruise, dinner cruise, and even a theme cruise that will depend on the season.


Harrisburg is home to several museums as well that offer good tourist attractions. Some of the museums include:

  • National civil war museum– Here you will find a myriad of artifacts such as equipment and weapon. Also present are the memorabilia of some of the key players in the war including Robert E. Lee.
  • Harrisburg State Museum - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversState Museum of Pennsylvania-here, you will find, not only civil war artifacts but also geological and archeological items, animal dioramas, paintings, decorative art, as well as industrial exhibits. Other than the artifacts, the museum is home to a planetarium where visitors can expand their knowledge of stars and the planets.

Sports teams

Harrisburg Hershey Bears - Harrisburg Hot Tub CoversPhiladelphia is among the few American cities blessed with a professional franchise in all the four major league sports. Additionally, it has a men’s professional soccer team as well as two professional men’s lacrosse teams. Often, most of the sports teams play within a couple of miles of the center city. Below are some of the top professional sports teams in Harrisburg.

  • Midstate Distillery
  • Harrisburg Senators baseball club
  • Hershey Bears
  • Harrisburg Heat soccer club
  • Enola Sportsmen Assn
  • Harrisburg city islanders
  • West Shore department


On matters foods and cuisines, Harrisburg has some of the cleanest and hygienic restaurants in the region. Some of the restaurants include:

  • Bacco– coupled with its fine foods and great drinks, Bacco puts happiness and joy at the forefront. The restaurant offers a perfect selection of import cheeses, cured meat and heart desserts.
  • Brice-   inspired by the regions around Europe serving fine dining dishes in a soul fashion. The dishes are rich in flavor and not to mention the constant changing of the menu by the team that will make you want to schedule repeat visits to the place. The fresh, locally available ingredients will give you a taste of both Pennsylvania and the Mediterranean.

Harrisburg Hot Tub Covers

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