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Phoenix hot tub covers When you think of Phoenix, you probably think of the desert, cactus and whatever else conjures up images of the American Southwest. However, once you visit the city and its surrounding metro areas you’ll quickly discover there is more here than you ever thought. In fact, there is a reason why it is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the entire country, not to mention the sixth largest city in the nation with over 1.5 million residents. With an expanding city populous, there is much to see and plenty to enjoy from Phoenix.

Some Basic History on Phoenix

The history of Phoenix can be broken down into a few different parts. The first revolves around tribal Arizona before any interaction with European colonists. For more than 2,000 years prior to Europeans traveling to the Americas, the Hohokam tribe called much of central Arizona home thanks to several important waterways in the area. However, at some point in the 1300s, an extended drought caused a lack of food, which forced the tribe to move from this area of Arizona. Eventually, several smaller tribes took up residence in the desert planes for another several hundred years.

This area of North America remained relatively safe from the Spanish Conquistadors as they remained mostly south of the region. However, following the conclusion of the Mexican-American War in 1848, the Phoenix area became part of the United States. Originally part of the New Mexico Territory, it became part of the state of Arizona upon its formation (which essentially cut the New Mexico Territory in half, making it easier to govern).

Prior to the Second World War, Phoenix had a population of must 65,000. Many in the military who enlisted during the war were trained in and around Phoenix metro. Following the conclusion of the war, they returned to this area and helped make it the massive metro area it is today.

Phoenix Climate

Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub CoversPhoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States. While the year long average of Phoenix is lower than that of Las Vegas, the average summer high remains unlike most other areas of the country. In July, the average daily high temperature is 106 degrees, while the average low is 83 degrees. The average low temperature has continued to increase over the years due to expansion of the city. As more cement is used, the material absorbs the heat during the day and radiates out during the night. This is a major reason why, despite being nearly two hours further south, Tucson is cooler than Phoenix throughout the year.

Unlike other areas in Phoenix, there is no monsoon season. Southern portions of the state go through what is known as monsoon season, which sees warm temperatures but brings about torrential rains. There is nothing like this in Phoenix, as the highest average precipitation is July at 1.05 inches. August is the only other month of the year with an inch of rain.

The hot tub community in Phoenix is huge many active people know the benefits of great hydrotherapy in their life. When your looking for a hot tub cover for the Phoenix area you can certainly get by with a Standard cover from The Cover Guy. It’s more about keeping debris out of the hot tub then keeping in the heat. Although it can be a little colder at night in Phoenix so the Deluxe cover may be the better long term choice. The Cover Guy is a specialist in providing the right choice for Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers.

Looking For Work?

One of the major reasons why Phoenix continues to grow in population is due to the number of large companies located here. Phoenix is an excellent destination as it is only around five hours east of Los Angeles. It does not have the same kind of state and local taxes that California does. It is also just a few hours from Las Vegas and six or so from Albuquerque. This makes it an excellent location not only for business, but for shipping.

Currently, four Fortune 500 companies are located in Phoenix. PetSmart, Republic Services (a waste removal company), Avnet (electronics) and Freeport-McMoRan (mining) all call Phoenix home. If you are not in one of these fields do not worry. The largest employment category in Phoenix is office and administrative support, which makes up nearly 18 percent.

Have Some Fun

phoenix symphanyPhoenix is home to a large number of midwestern transplants. Depending on where you live in the city, you’re likely to run into a large number of people who moved from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois and other states. This has brought about a large number of cultural performing arts theaters. The number one being the Arizona Opera Center, which opened in 2013. Other locations include the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Arizona and the Arizona Opera. A handful of other exceptional theaters and performance halls are located in nearby suburbs as well.

arizona baseballIf you are a sports fan, you can’t forget the excellent sporting opportunities here. Every major sporting league has a team here. Glendale is the home of the Cardinal’s Stadium. It’s easy to get to, only requiring a short drive. Plus, the metro Phoenix area is perfect if you love baseball. Beyond the Arizona Diamondbacks. Fifteen teams in the Cactus league baseball Call Metro Phoenix home. This happens for several spring months each year.

Phoenix Arizona Hot Tub Covers

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