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Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, and is home to an estimated 684,451 residents. As a lake city, Seattle sits on a strip between the fresh waters of Lake Washington and the salty waters of Puget Sound, an inlet on the Pacific Ocean, and serves as a major entry point for trade with Asia: as of 2016, Seattle was the fourth-largest port in North America in term of container handling.


Before the arrival of European settlers from Illinoi via Portland, Native Americans had spent over 4,000 years in Seattle. The Duwamish tribe occupied over seventeen villages around the Elliott Bay area. The Europeans first settled in a town site they called New York-Alki, and later moved to Elliot Bay, befriending the Duwamish and their leader Sealth, later renaming the town ‘Seattle’ in his honor.

Mill production was the principal economic activity in the mid 1850s, with the neighboring San Francisco as its main consumer. Therefore, the discovery of coal in the 1870s led to an increase in population, as there were more job opportunities, leading to exponential economic growth. In June 1889, a fire leveled the central business district, damaging millions worth of property. However, this created room for new municipal developments such as a better sewage system and a professional fire department. Growth was steady after the fire and remained the same even after the arrival of the transcontinental railroad.

Throughout the years, Seattle experienced a boom-and-bust economy fuelled by the world wars, which created numerous opportunities in the shipping industry. The arrival of Boeing in 1916 also played a role in the economic success of the city during the war years and after the introduction of the 707 commercial jets in the 1950s.

Over the years, Seattle’s economy has been steady with Boeing and Weyerhaeuser playing a key role in its development. Additionally, the arrival of technology companies such as Microsoft has fueled it growth, creating new opportunities.


Seattle enjoys a temperate marine (oceanic) climate characterized by mild, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The Puget Sound inlet, Lake Washington and the Pacific Ocean play a crucial role moderating the temperatures. Through helping prevent extreme heat waves and very cold temperatures. While in the city, you will experience clouding throughout the tyear and frequent rains.


Seattle’s boasts a rich performing arts culture; it is home to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, one of the worlds most recorded orchestras. Performance halls that host the several orchestra groups in the city include the historic Benaroya Hall, Seattle Opera House and McCaw hall. Therefore, in the summer and winter, you can treat yourself to the chamber music festivals by the Seattle Chamber Music Society.

Theatre lovers also get to enjoy a performances from the over 100 theatrical companies located all over the city. Alternatively, you can experience the art of spoken word from the home World Poetry Slam champions, with performances happening in theaters and small clubs in the city. As well, Seattle is famous as home of grunge music having produced internationally recognized acts such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Nirvana among others.


The Seattle sporting scene caters to different sports lovers; NFL fans can watch the Seattle Seahwawks, MLB lovers can enjoy the Seattle Mariners and soccer lovers the Seattle Reign FC. Other professional teams in the area include Seattle Storm, who play in the WNBA and the Seattle Sounders FC from the Major League Soccer.


While in Seattle, there is always something to do or see all year round. Some of the activities to look out for include:

  • The 24-day Seattle International Film festival
  • Northwest Folklife on Memorial day Weekend
  • Seafair event in July and August
  • The Seattle Gay pride festival, the Bite of Seattle
  • Bumbershoot over labor day weekend
  • Seattle Hemp fest
  • Native American pow-wows
  • Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair and Book Arts Show
  • Penny Arcade Expo for gamers
  • The Henry Art Gallery , which is Washington’s first public art museum
  • Seattle Museum
  • The Seattle Great Wheel, which is among the largest Ferris wheels in the US
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Woodland Park zoo

Seattle Hot Tub CoversSeattle Hot Tub Covers

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