Syracuse Hot Tub Covers

Syracuse Hot Tub Covers and Spa CoversWith a metro area of nearly 700,000 residents, Syracuse, New York is a sneaky large region of the state. New York City claims all the spotlight, however, plenty of other areas around the state with large metro populations. In fact, Buffalo, Rochester and Yonkers all have larger metro areas than Syracuse. Syracuse has a rather interesting history with its location in the eastern portion of the United States. If you’ve never been to this area of New York, you’ll discover it is so much more than just home to Syracuse University.

History of Syracuse

As settlers first made their way into New York state, they quickly began moving further west, away from the coastline. French missionaries became the first Europeans to see the area in the early 1600s when the Native American Onongada Nation invited the missionaries to trade and to set up a mission, situated on Lake Onongada.

With the establishment of the mission, Syracuse became a major missionary point within the state. The city, however, did not currently have its name “Syracuse”. Salt production started in the late 1700s here, and with its location by the lake, the city of Syracuse first became widely known as The Salt City. By 1847, it took on the name Syracuse based on the Italian city of Sicily, which also served as a major salt producing city.

Salt production last for over 100 years in Syracuse, although it declined heavily with the outbreak of the Civil War. The country simply didn’t have a need for large salt mining operations, but the city did take its resources and build new manufacturing plants. This, in the long run, ended up proving favorable for the city as now it is still a major manufacturing city in the country. The industry did take a major hit in the 1970s as several companies, including General Electric, moved production to other regions of the state, and even oversees. Despite this, manufacturing plays a vital role in the city’s employment.

Enjoy the Weather

Syracuse University - Syracuse Hot Tub Covers and Spa CoversSyracuse sees a similar temperature fluctuation to what you might expect for a city in the middle of New York state. July is the high point for the year with an average high temperature of around 82 degree. January is the coldest month of the year.  The average high of 31 degrees and an average low of about 15 degrees. You can expect to see a considerable amount of snow though while in Syracuse. In December alone, you’ll probably see about 25 inches of snow on average. Both January and February bring about 24 inches on average. In fact, you can expect on average to see snowfall in six months of the year. October has the lowest precipitation level of around two inches of rain.

Some Population Decline

The city has seen a population decline since maxing out at over 220,000 within the city back in the 1950s. This can be seen in many Rust Belt cities as manufacturing jobs moved south or oversees. The city now has an estimate of 144,000, although the population decline has levelled off.

Looking For a Job?

If you’re looking for a job, there are several top employers within the city. The State University of New York is the largest employer within the city, follow by Syracuse University. Outside of other colleges and hospitals, Wegmans Food Markets is the largest employer. Lockheed Martin Corp, the aerospace and defence security firm is a major employer here as well. The company’s headquarters are located in Maryland, however, most of the production occurs in Syracuse.

Enjoying Some Culture

Syracuse Orchestra - Syracuse Hot Tub CoversThe Syracuse Symphony Orchestra has been around since the early 1960s and continues to perform, although it now is known as the Syracuse Symphoria. Plus, the Society for New Music helps bring in new talent into the city to perform in several of the classical locations. CNY Jazz Arts Foundation’s Jazz in The Square Festival is one of the largest musical festivals outside of New York City in the state and provides a great opportunity for you to get outside and enjoy live music.

Interested in something indoors? The Everson Museum of Art provides a beautiful display of pottery and a large collection of American produced paintings and photography. Interested in learning about the history of the Erie Canal and how it impacted the city of Syracuse? The Erie Canal Museum is located here, as is the rather whimsical International Mask and Puppet Museum. Beyond this, there are a handful of excellent privately owned art galleries.

Syracuse Hot Tub Covers

With the vast array of activities, you’ll want a hot tub to relax in after a busy day. A Syracuse hot tub cover will ensure that your hot tub stays at the temperature you desire. The hot tub cover will protect your tub from the weather and ensure a relaxing soak every time.