Z – 3 Loop Towel Rack


A good towel rack prevents clutter and accidents. The 3 Loop Towel Rack is made especially for this. The rack is also ideal for small groups.


Having towels by the pool or spa is extremely convenient. Additionally, a nice towel rack prevents the accumulation of clutter. This is more pleasing to look at and also stops avoidable accidents from occurring! The 3 Loop Towel Rack is the ideal choice for those who swim or soak with a small group. Up to three people can easily use this rack at the same time for dry or wet towels.

3 Loop Towel Rack FAQs

This portable towel rack stands 50” tall. The three towel loops are each 11” in diameter. Weighted base will prevent the towel rack from falling over. Comes in attractive white to ensure everyone can spot the towel rack. This neutral color also works with any spa or pool area color scheme.

Additional information

Weight5.75 kg
Dimensions11 x 50 cm