LEISURETIME Spa Filter Cleaner


Use the Leisuretime Spa Filter Cleaner to keep your pool spotless and properly operational. The concentrated formula offers an extensive & deep clean.

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Cleaning your spa just got easier with the Leisuretime Spa Filter Cleaner. Use this compound for cleaning to help keep your filter spotless and properly operational. This highly concentrated formula offers an extensive deep clean. Unlike other weekly or monthly formulas, Leisure Time need be used after three months. An overnight soak removes all contaminants, grime and grease. Easy spa maintenance is possible with Leisure Time filter cleaner!

Leisure Time Spa Filter Cleaner FAQs

This product is compatible with sand, DE and cartridge filters. Use the entire bottle to clean up to 110 square feet of filter area. This product works best when the filter soaks in it for at least eight hours. However, a three hour soak may suffice if your filter isn’t very dirty. Utilize the cleaner every three months to achieve the best filtration results and ease of upkeep.

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