AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner Tablets,10 Tabs


Regularly cleaning your hot tub filter doesn’t have to be difficult, and AquaFinesse filter cleaner tablets were designed with ease of use in mind.

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Your hot tub’s level of water quality is important. However, getting your tub’s water to that level shouldn’t be difficult. The AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner Tablets take this into account. Not only is the product built with durable pyramex glass, but it is also extremely effective.

Using Aqua Finesse Filter Cleaner Tablets

The individually wrapped, AquaFinesse filter tablets provide a mess-free experience that’s free of harsh chemicals. Simply put a tablet into your spa’s water filter once a week for best results. The fast acting tablets also clean away any biofilm. The tabs won’t degrade microban, either.

Unlike other filter cleaners, this product requires only one hour to completely clean your filters. This means you can almost immediately use your hot tub immediately instead of waiting the typical 24 hours!

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