Assurance Career Rubber Ducks


Career Rubber Ducks are durable and come perfectly weighted and balanced. They are also full of personality and guaranteed to complement your spa.

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Career ducks are the perfect way to liven up any pool, spa or bathtub. They are also often used to commemorate special events on the water. This 24 pack of career ducks is the ideal option for those who need a large quantity of rubber ducks. Additionally, this makes it possible to more easily collect the career ducks line. What’s more, these little yellow guys are durable and just chock full of personality. These floating ducks are guaranteed to complement your hot tub or spa.

Rubber Ducks FAQs

Rubber Ducks were invented in the late 1800s. Since that time, the manufacturing process has greatly changed. Today’s ducks feature a balanced and weighted build to offer optimal performance and a design that helps them stay upright. When these career ducks enter your pool or spa, they will be able to float freely and stay positioned straight up for an extensive amount of time.


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