Bromine Test Strips – AquaChek – 4-in-1


Bromine Test Strips – AquaChek 4-in-1 are convenient, quick, simple, and accurate! The Cover Guy Hot Tub Chemicals and Accessories.


AquaChek 4-in-1 Bromine Test Strips are convenient, quick, simple, and accurate! You can have hot tub or spa sanitizer and water balance testing without having to be a chemist. It’s so easy just place the test strip in the hot tub or spa water for a second and then take it out and match it to the color chart provided on the back.

AquaChek Bromine Test Strips check for:

  • Total Bromine
  • Total Alkalinity (TA)
  • pH
  • Total Hardness

Hot Tub Maintenance notes: To keep your hot tub or spa water at its best you should try and test before each use and at least twice a week. AquaChek test strips come with instructions and 50 pieces.

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