Clori-Gator Pool Feeder


The Clori-Gator is a fun & realistic-looking device that’s very easy to use. The gator delivers continuous chlorination to your pool or spa.

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The Clori-Gator is one of the numerous fun and attractive chlorine dispensers from Poolmaster. As part of the Premier Collection, this dispenser is made from high quality, durable materials. The gator will float across the surface of your pool while slowly dispensing much-needed chlorine.

The Clori-Gator Process

This handy gator is much more than just a conversation starter. In fact, this product makes it very easy to keep your pool’s chlorine levels in line. Simply put a 3” tablet inside the device. Next, adjust the chlorination ring to the desired setting. When you do this, The chlorine is continuously dispensed. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about doing anything manually until it’s time to replace the tablet.

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