Cool Sunglasses Rubber Duck


For fun in the pool, bathtub or spa, the Cool Sunglasses Rubber Duck represents the epitome of summertime cool. The duck also comes with its own squeaker.


The Cool Sunglasses Rubber Duck wears shades to let everyone know that it’s time to have fun in the pool! Also, each duck comes with its own personality. Because of this and its colorful and friendly appearance, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests! For fun in the pool, bathtub or spa, these rubber ducks represent the epitome of summertime cool. Certainly, your guests will find them interesting and ask you why you have such “cool” tastes.

Cool Sunglasses Rubber Duck Specs

This duck has a built-in squeaker. Additionally, the little fella is weighted and balanced to offer a smooth ride across the water every single time. Lastly, the duck’s black shades are part of the molded rubber and are not removable.

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