Corner Brush with Synthetic Bristles


The highly functional Corner Brush with Synthetic Bristles comes in a design that makes it a breeze to clean hard-to-reach areas of your hot tub or spa.


Have you ever wished you had a hot tub or spa that stayed immaculately clean? The adaptable Corner Brush with Synthetic Bristles can make your wish come true in this regard. This handy brush comes with synthetic bristles as well as a multipurpose handle that make it possible to keep your spa, hot tub or pool sparkling clean.

The Corner Brush Accesses Hard-To-Reach Places

The ease of use and effectiveness of the brush can’t be beat! Never again will you need to worry about getting to the hardest to reach places. Instead, the highly functional, angled design of this brush will make it a breeze to access ledges, crevices and corners.

Unique Bristles of the Brush Lends a Sparkling Shine

The unique design of this brush includes pointed bristles. Fortunately, this makes it even easier to clean pool surfaces, including lights, jets and steps. Additionally, the brush also fits snugly on threaded broom handles and pool poles. Use the Corner Brush regularly to help protect your investment and make the pool more appealing.

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