ECOONE Jet One Pipe Cleanser 8oz Bottle



Chemical Flush – ECOONE Jet One Pipe Cleanser 8oz Bottle

ECOONE Jet One Pipe Cleanser utilizes a proprietary blend of alkaline cleansing agents combined with non-foaming surfactants to penetrate deep inside your spa’s plumbing. A clean spa is a healthy and enjoyable spa.

Pipe Cleanser cleans both the plumbing and jets in your spa. Using pipe cleaner will assure that any dirt and grime you can’t see will be cleaned away. ecoone Pipe Cleanser cleans and gets deep inside your spa pipes, jets and plumbing to remove contaminants that can clog them up. Pipe Cleanser even helps to restart rotating jets by eliminating contaminants that block them.

Use every time before you drain and refill your spa. Just pour half a bottle into spa water, run jets and blowers on high for one hour to allow Pipe Cleanser to work its way through spa jets and plumbing. Then drain and refill with clean water. That’s it! We recommend draining and refilling spa every 8 weeks, depending on use.

Ecoone Pipe Cleanser Features:

  • Takes only half a bottle per treatment
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural, raw ingredients
  • No residue
  • Will not cause excessive foaming
  • Keeps spa jets and plumbing in optimal performance
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in USA

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