Free Biguanide Test Strips


Biguanide spa sanitizing systems require the right test strips for proper results. Find the perfect solution in easy to use Free Biguanide Test Strips!

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Biguanide spa sanitizing systems require the appropriate test strips for proper results. Fortunately, Leisure Time offers the perfect solution with their Free Biguanide Test Strips! Additionally, these strips check the levels of three other essential chemicals. In fact, this process helps ensure your spa or hot tub is properly balanced. Fast and accurate results appear after you dip the test strip directly into the spa’s water.

Free Biguanide Test Strips FAQs

Easy open bottle of Free Biguanide Test Strips comes with 50 strips for your convenience. Regular testing is the best way to protect your health. Proper water balance can also prevent corrosion and other harmful issues that make reduce your spa’s life. Created for biguanide sanitizing systems. Tests pH, free biguanide, calcium hardness and total alkalinity.

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