Game Lighting Underwater Light Show


Do you want to liven up your next spa party? The Underwater Light Show from Game projects multiple colored lights into the water to keep guests entertained.

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Do you want to liven up your next pool or spa party? The Game Lighting Underwater Light Show from offers the perfect solution! This simple to attach item projects lights into the water. This gives your pool or spa a different ambiance that guests are certain to find delightful. Cycles through multiple colors to keep the light show fresh and entertaining.

Underwater Light Show FAQs

Comes with a tether loop for each pool or spa side anchoring. Can also work with smaller water sources such as a bathtub. Offers seven light shows. Requires three AA batteries to operate. Lights and colors dance on the water’s surface after being projected from the Light Show.

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Dimensions5.9 x 5.9 x 6 cm