P6CH-940 – P6CH-940 60401 PWW50P3 FC-0359 Hot Tub Pool Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge


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P6CH-940 60401 PWW50P3 FC-0359 Hot Tub Pool Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

P6CH-940 60401 PWW50P3 FC-0359

45 sq. ft. Custom Molded, Leisure Bay, Bullfrog, Clearwater, Millenium, Thermos Spas, DM Industries, CanSpa Mfg.

AK-9019 Replacement for Hot Tub Filter numbers: Pleatco # PWW50P3  Unicel # 6CH-940 Filbur # FC-0359

Not just a Filter Cartridge, but a complete Filtration System! Free Flow cores allow for the free flow of water through the filtration fabric increasing the effectiveness of the filter.

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Why Choose this Filter?

  • This pool and spa filter cartridge is manufactured to the highest specifications and standards demanded by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Filters are built with:
  • Reinforced Center Cores (Strength and Durability)
  • Embossed Part Numbers
  • Extruded PVC Center Cores
  • Molded End Caps, No Adapters Needed
  • Reinforced Antimicrobial End Caps

Filter cartridges are a whole system which includes: Core, Media (Filtration Fabric), Bands, End Caps

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