Hot Tub Scoop & Skimmer Rake


Keeping debris out of your spa doesn’t require the use of an unwieldy skimmer. Simply use the Hot Tub Scoop & Skimmer Rake instead!

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Are long skimmers frustrating you? Keeping the debris out of your spa does not require you to use an unwieldy skimmer. Instead, turn to the Hot Tub Scoop & Skimmer Rake! This handy spa scoop is additionally easy to hold onto and does not extend uncomfortably far. In short, you will remain in full control as you remove debris from your spa.

Hot Tub Scoop & Skimmer Rake FAQs

Made with a unique circular design. This enables users to get into the contours of a hot tub much more easily. Skimmer scoop has rubber edges to prevent scratches. Can also be added to a spa pole or telescopic spa pool pole. Versatile product with materials that are UV stabilized.

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