Hydrotherapies Sport RX Energize


Your spa or Hot tub acts as a personal hydrotherapy option for active individuals. Hydrotherapies Sport RX Energize crystals are designed with this in mind!


Your spa, whirlpool, bathtub or hot tub is a great place to relax. It also acts as a personal hydrotherapy option for athletes and other active individuals. Because of this, inSPAration developed Hydrotherapies Sport RX Energize crystals to help soothe aching muscles. As an added bonus, these aromatherapy crystals come in a convenient, easy to pour package so that you can soak the day away. Energizing formula provides a boost!

Hydrotherapies Sport RX Energize FAQs

Package contains 4 ounces of aromatherapy crystals. Formula also includes dried ginger and sage to offer energizing and refreshing properties. Natural skin moisturizers are also included. Safe for use with spa equipment and acrylic surfaces. Oil free. Won’t leave any residue or film on your spa’s surface. Does not alter pH levels.

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