InSPAration Caribbean Nights Aromatherapy Crystals


Bring the sensation of the Caribbean to life with Caribbean Nights Aromatherapy Crystals! Skin moisturizers and emollients contained enhance the experience.


Bring the aromatic sensation of the Caribbean to life in your spa or bathtub with Caribbean Nights Aromatherapy Crystals! Not only are they are ideal for romantic evenings, but they are also great for soaking after a long workday or a spa party. Aromatherapy Spa & Bath Crystals by InSPAration offers added skin moisturizers to enhance the experience. What’s more, the emollients also provide soothing relaxation for your achy muscles.

Caribbean Nights Aromatherapy Crystals FAQs

Each bottle of Caribbean Nights Aromatherapy Crystals contains 11 ounces for your convenience. Simply sprinkle in the crystals until you achieve the desired scent. In fact, the crystals dissolve without leaving residue or film behind. No bubbles or foaming. Water remains clear. Tested for safety with all spa motors and other equipment. Use in any acrylic bathtub, hot tub, spa or whirlpool.

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