inSPAration Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy Liquid 9 oz.


inSPAration Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy liquid is the perfect addition to any hot tub evening, it is made with vitamins, natural extracts, and minerals.


inSPAration Eucalyptus Mint

inSPAration Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy is one of the original spa aromatherapy scents. It is the perfect addition to any hot tub escape. All inSPAration liquids including Eucalyptus Mint are made with vitamins, natural extracts, and minerals, which makes it a healthy addition to your hot tub water. With just a couple of capfuls of the liquid in your hot tub, spa, or bath you can enhance and transport yourself to a new level of escape. Soak away in the warm waters of your hot tub and enjoy the qualities that inSPAration aromatherapy liquids add to your hot tub experience. The nutrients, moisturizers, and vitamins blended into the Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy liquid will enhance your time in the spa. You will come out of your spa or hot tub feeling fresh and silky. With inSPAration you are soaking in style!

  • Contains natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals
  • Alcohol-free, water soluble
  • Non-foaming & safe for spa equipment
  • 9 oz. bottle


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