inSPAration Fish Bowl Assorted Pillows 50


The Fish Bowl Assorted Pillows provides the ideal storage for 50 assorted ½ ounce aromatherapy spa pillows. Each pillow providing its own unique scent!


Whether you own a spa or a spa supply store, the Fish Bowl Assorted Pillows from inSPAration is a great choice! This decorative fish bowl provides the perfect storage space for 50 assorted ½ ounce aromatherapy spa pillows. Each scent offers spa, hot tub, whirlpool and bathtub users the ability to enhance the ambiance. These liquids also contain natural skin moisturizers and anti-inflammatory agents.

Fish Bowl Assorted Pillows FAQs

There are 50 ½ ounce spa pillows in the fish bowl. These assorted aromatherapy pillows include many options from various scent categories. 50 pillows in total included so it is important to realize that some duplication may occur. This aromatherapy liquid is oil free, bubble free and foam free. In addition, it does not alter the spa’s chemical levels.

Additional information

Weight2.85 kg