InSPAration Hydro Therapies Sports RX 6 Pack


Hydro Therapies Sports RX 6 Pack promotes relaxation of sore muscles. This assortment pack also contains added softeners and vitamins.


Hydro Therapies Sports RX 6 Pack is an aromatherapy crystals line from inSPAration. In fact, each of the six styles in this assortment pack is infused with Epsom salts to promote relaxation of sore muscles. Additionally, your skin will also enjoy the added softeners and vitamins. Sprinkle the desired amount into your bath or spa water. The water will stay clear without any bubbles or foam! In essence, the pack is ideal for athletes and anyone else who needs a mental and physical boost.

Hydro Therapies Sports RX 6 Pack FAQs

Safe for usage with all hydrotherapy equipment, along with bathtubs, hot tubs, spas and whirlpools. Tested safe with acrylic surfaces, plumbing and spa equipment. Assortment pack includes Protect, Rebuild, Stimulate, Elevate, Relax and Energize. Will not leave any film or residue.

Elevate Hydrotherapy RX | Stimulate Hydrotherapy RX | Relax Hydrotherapy RX |

Rebuild Hydrotherapy RX | Energize Hydrotherapy RX |

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