InSPAration Liquid Pearl Citrus Splash


Liquid Pearl Citrus Splash imparts a delightful aroma to your spa when added. Your skin will thank you for its moisturizing properties and added vitamins.


Citrus is a refreshing, calming and centering scent. This makes it the ideal choice for unwinding after a long day. Add two to three capfuls of InSPAration’s Liquid Pearl Citrus Splash to your spa to enjoy this delightful aroma. Additionally, your skin will thank you for soaking in the moisturizers and vitamins that are part of this blend. Perfect for enhancing your next spa party!

Liquid Pearl Citrus Splash FAQs

Citrus Splash aromatherapy comes in an elegant 8 ounce bottle. This aromatherapy blend will not bubble or foam. It’s also oil, film and residue free. Safe for bathtubs, spas, whirlpools, hot tubs and hydrotherapy equipment. Can be used with all acrylics, spa equipment and plumbing.

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