InSPAration Serenity Spa Pearls Aromatherapy


Serenity Spa Pearls Aromatherapy Crystals offer the calming & refreshing scent of peonies, providing a pleasant ambiance while you soak in the spa or bath.


Serenity is part of InSPAration’s Spa Pearls Aromatherapy Spa & Bath Crystals line. The calming and refreshing scent of peonies will provide a pleasant ambiance while you soak in the bathtub or spa. Added vitamins and skin moisturizers in Serenity Spa Pearls Aromatherapy will enhance the experience. Meanwhile, emollients soothe and relax your muscles. Ideal for usage alone, during a spa party or with a romantic partner.

Serenity Spa Pearls Aromatherapy FAQs

Spa Pearls bottles contain 11 ounces of aromatherapy crystals. The crystals dissolve in water without causing any foaming or bubbling. Oil free, residue free and film free. Does not alter the pH level of your spa. Spa Pearls are a perfect addition to your whirlpool, bathtub, spa or hot tub.

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