InSPAration Spaberry Aromatherapy Liquid


The smell of mixed berries is delightful & reminds us of happiness in the summertime. Spaberry Aromatherapy Liquid captures this essence for use in the spa.


The smell of mixed berries is delightful. It reminds us of happiness, the summer and even decadence. With InSPAration’s Spaberry Aromatherapy Liquid, you can add this pleasing aroma to your spa or bathtub. In fact, just add a couple of capfuls to the spa to enhance your soaking experience. Ideal for usage alone, with friends or during a romantic evening. Additionally, the added skin moisturizers will leave your skin feel wonderful!

Spaberry Aromatherapy Liquid FAQs

Each bottle of Spaberry contains 9 ounces of liquid aromatherapy. Specially formulated to avoid bubbles, foam, film and residue. Does not change the chemical levels of your spa. Add to your bathtub, spa, hot tub or whirlpool to create the perfect ambiance. Safe to use with all spa and plumbing equipment.

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions2.5 x 2.5 x 6 cm