InSPAration Watermelon Aromatherapy Liquid


Add the refreshing scent of summer to your spa with Watermelon Aromatherapy Liquid! The scent, associated with summer picnics, also has a clean fresh smell.


Add the refreshing scent of summer to your day with InSPAration’s Watermelon Aromatherapy Liquid! Watermelon is associated with summer picnics, and it also has a clean, fresh smell. Because of this, the fragrance is an ideal choice to enjoy at your leisure. Utilize it for your next spa party or while soaking alone. Also ideal for enjoying your spa with a partner. The pleasing aroma will also cover your spa’s chemical odors.

Watermelon Aromatherapy Liquid FAQs

Watermelon Aromatherapy Liquid comes in a 9 ounce bottle. Formulated to avoid residue, foam, film and bubbles. One to three capfuls works well in a bathtub, hot tub, spa or whirlpool. Crisply scented Watermelon leaves your water clear and does not alter the pH levels. Contains vitamins and natural extracts that will moisturize your skin.

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