Insta-Test 3 Pro


The health & safety of your spa water relies on perfectly balanced chemicals. Don’t leave anything to chance; instead, rely on Insta-Test 3 Pro!

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The health and safety of your pool and its water relies on a perfectly balanced mixture of chemicals. Don’t leave anything to chance; instead, use Insta-Test 3 Pro to make sure everything is in line. This dip and read test strip system is extremely easy and convenient to use. You don’t need a test strip reader, nor is it necessary to count drops into a tester. Merely dip a test strip in the water to get instant results!

Insta-Test 3 Pro FAQs

Comes with 50 test strips. Remember to always test pools on both ends. One strip is sufficient for each spa test. Insta-Test 3 Pro tests the levels of pH, alkalinity, bromine and free chlorine. Comes in a no display package for home usage.

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