Leisure Time Bright and Clear Clarifier – 32 oz.



Leisure Time Bright and Clear Clarifier – 32 oz.

Leisure Time Bright and Clear Clarifier is a water clarifier that turns murky hot tub water into sparkling clean water.  Spa water can become cloudy due to millions of small, suspended particles, accumulated in the water. Bright & Clear is designed for hot water application. The particles, which are too small to be filtered out, combine to form larger particles that can be trapped by the filter to improve water clarity by using Bright & Clear. Bright & Clear collects and coagulates the particles together, making them large enough for the filter to respond to them. Bright & Clear helps bring all unwanted particles to the filter, which enables it to work to its fullest power.

This clarifier’s unique polymer action neutralizes and removes dirt, soap, oily films and particles for clean, fresh water. Bright and Clear Clarifier is safe for Ozone – it does not cause build-up!


  • Non Foaming
  • Designed for Hot Water
  • Simple to use
  • Compatible with all other spa chemicals
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Adds sparkle to spa water
  • Removes dirt particles, reducing sanitizer demand
  • Helps spa filter perform at peak efficiency
  • No waiting after treatment

Compatible with:
Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.
Quantity: 32 oz

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