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The Cover Guy is one of the original online Hot Tub Cover stores in North America! We've been Providing custom quality Hot tub Covers and Hot Tub Cover Lifters to go with them at a great price and with great service since 2005. Along with hot tub covers or spa covers and lifters The Cover Guy also provides all hot tub filters, chemicals and accessories for hot tubs and spas.

We take pride in providing our customers hot tub covers that last longer, and perform better than any other spa covers available. The quality of our materials and workmanship are second to none and all the spa covers are designed to withstand even the harshest weather.

We provide over 22,000 customized covers a year for all hot tub models, including, Jacuzzi hot tub covers, Coleman spa covers, Sundance hot tub covers, Hot Spring spa covers, Marquis spa covers, Cal spa covers, and Dimension One spa covers. We also take special requests for extra long, wide or three-fold hot tub covers that are required for Swim Spas and other larger hot tubs.

With The Cover Guy you can expect a great looking hot tub cover for an excellent value all bundled together with superior customer service.


We always appreciate your feedback and love to hear from all our customers. All of our hot tub covers are constructed using only the highest quality components and are built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Join our long list of happy customers by ordering a spa cover today!

Hot Tub Lifters

The Cover Guy has the largest selection and best prices on the most popular hot tub cover lifters available. We have a hot tub lifter for your hot tub or spa area. Hydraulic, Manual Pivot, or Hot Tub Cover Shelfs we have all the lifters in one place for our customers to choose what hot tub cover lifter best suits their needs. The Cover Guy also has an easy comparison hot tub cover lifter buying guide that will help you choose the best lifter for your hot tub. The guide will give you all the spacing each lifter needs to install in your hot tub space.

About The Cover Guy

The Cover Guy guarantees a high quality hot tub covers, and supplies for hot tubs at the best price. We are committed to providing the easiest, most accurate hot tub cover ordering system online. We also provide the most energy efficient, and ecologically sound products for the betterment our community. You will find our knowledgeable staff has strong family values, and supports our local communities. We strive to be your first choice for all your Hot Tub needs and spa supplies. Thanks for considering us as the company you would like to order your new hot tub cover and hot tub supplies from.

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Leisure time yearly Chlorine package

Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit


Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit was put together to save our customers time and money providing all your chemical needs in one package for the entire year.


Product Description

Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit was put together to save our customers time and money providing all your chemical needs in one package for the entire year. The Cover Guy Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit will keep you stocked with all the supplies you need to keep your hot tub clean all year!

The Cover Guy Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit includes:

  • 4 – Leisure Time Renew non-chlorine shock
  • 2 – Leisure Time Chlorine tabs
  • 1 – Floating Chlorine dispenser
  • 1 – Leisure Time PH up
  • 1 – Leisure Time PH down
  • 1 – Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser
  • 1 – Leisure Time Spa Control
  • 1 – Chlorine Test Strips

Our customers will save over 20% by purchasing the yearly Leisure Time kit provided by The Cover Guy. The yearly kit will contain all that should be required to keep your hot tub or spa clean all year.

Leisure Time Renew Shock – Renew is an oxidizing non-chlorine shock used with Leisure Time Chlorine tablets. Renew is a quickly-dissolving oxidizer that rids hot tub water of left over oils, soaps, detergents, and other organics that build up in your hot tub water. When Renew is added into the hot tub water, it has a reaction with the Chlorine tablets that form Chlorine in your water. The Chlorine eliminates all bacteria left behind. The best part of Renew is: That it  dissolves quickly. Cuts down on hot tub smells, and you can use your hot tub minutes after using Renew. Renew is also a pH buffered agent so it does not cause pH level changes.

Leisure Time Chlorine Tabs – Are a slow dissolving tab that works continuously in your hot tub or spa floater to eliminate all bacteria and residue in your hot tub water. Leisure Time Chlorine Tabs are great for keeping your hot tub water sanitized at all time. The Leisure Time Chlorine tabs are one of the top chlorine tabs available today and are the choice sanitizer of The Cover Guy.

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg