Leisure Time Complete Spa Care Kit


Complete Spa Care Kit has samples of everything needed to run the Free Sanitizing System, making it easy to test the water before purchasing separate items.

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The Leisure Time Free Spa Sanitizing System is bromine and chlorine free. Because of this, the chemicals included in The Complete Spa Care Kit does not include chlorine or bromine products. Instead, you will receive sample sizes of everything else you need to run the Free Sanitizing System. Sample sizes make it easy to test everything out before purchasing larger individual items.

The Complete Spa Care Kit with Sample Sizes FAQs

Learning how to use a spa with the Free Sanitizing System doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply utilize The Complete Spa Care Kit to learn all about each chemical and how it works. Sanitizing water without chlorine and bromine makes life much easier. Comes with samples of every essential item for spa water care.

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