Leisure Time Defender 1qt


Scale formation can be damaging to your spa. Instead of allowing this, take action with Leisure Time Defender! Fights & prevents scale from forming.


Scale formation can be very damaging to your spa investment. Instead of allowing this to happen, take preventative measures! Leisure Time Defender fights and prevents scale from forming. This product will also remove any existing scale. Add this to your weekly spa maintenance list. Works well with Metal Gon. Compatible with bromine, biguanide, chlorine and ozone sanitizers.

Leisure Time Defender FAQs

Defender comes in a convenient 1 quart container. Add Defender directly to the spa water. Only 2 ounces required for up to 800 gallons of water. Spas that exceed 800 gallons need 4 ounces of Defender per week. Run the filtration system for one hour after adding Defender to the water. Also, add Defender during each refill.

Additional information

Weight2.42 kg
Dimensions3.12 x 3.12 x 9.38 cm