Leisure Time Filter Clean,1Pt Bottle


Leisure Time Filter Clean is made up of a cleaning formula that will save you loads of time & energy. Superior results happen after three months use.

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Keeping your spa’s filter clean is an important part of protecting your investment. Leisure Time Filter Clean is a 1 pint bottle of concentrated cleaning formula that will save you time and energy when you clean your spa. Many cleaners need to be run through the filter on a weekly basis. However, with Leisure Time Filter Clean, you can get superior results by using the cleaner once every three months.

Using Leisure Time Filter Clean

Allowing your filter to soak overnight in the Leisure Time filter will clean out all the grease and contaminants. Leisure Time is compatible with DE, sand and cartridge filters. Simply remove the grids or cartridge from your spa and soak them in a bucket filled with the cleaner. Before returning the cartridge or grids to your spa filter, be sure to use a high pressure nozzle to rinse them off. You’ll see excellent results!

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