Leisure Time Renew Tabs


Prefer to stay away from chlorine? Use Leisure Time Renew Tabs instead! Chlorine free shock oxidizer won’t alter pH levels. Keeps your spa sanitized.

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If you prefer to stay away from chlorine, you can use Leisure Time Renew Tabs! This chlorine free shock oxidizer will not alter your pH levels, but it will help keep your spa sanitized. Tablets are fast dissolving and allow you to get in the spa almost immediately after each application. Avoid the smell and harshness of chlorine with Renew Tabs!

Leisure Time Renew Tabs FAQs

These easy to use tablets come premeasured for your convenience. Simply place three tablets for every 250 gallons into your spa’s water. Running the filtration system for 15 minutes completes the job. Use this process once a week for optimal results. Breaks down organic materials, natural oils, deodorants and residual soaps. Bottle contains 1.75 pounds of tabs.

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