Leisure Time Thio-Trine


Leisure Time has products to help balance the water in your spa. Thio-Trine is one such product, & it effectively reduces or eliminates bromine & chlorine.

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Keeping your spa or pool perfectly balanced may seem difficult. Fortunately, Leisure Time’s Simple Spa Care Program makes the process very easy. Leisure Time has products to reduce or increase every necessary chemical. Thio-Trine is part of this product line, and it reduces or eliminates bromine and chlorine. This can be extremely important if your chlorine and bromine levels spike higher than needed.

Thio-Trine FAQs

Thio-Trine comes in a 20 ounce bottle. Test your bromine and chlorine levels regularly to keep them properly balanced. If they are too high or shouldn’t be present at all, turn to Thio-Thine to correct the problem. Follow the listed directions for best results. Made for usage in spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.

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