Rising Dragon K150 Light Controller


Leery of hard-to-install lighting projects for your spa? Don’t worry because the K150 Light Controller by Rising Dragon makes installation a cinch!

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Are you leery of starting difficult to install lighting projects for your spa or hot tub? Well, worry no more because this Pinnacle Light System was made for you. In fact, It’s completely intuitive! The K150 Light Controller by Rising Dragon doesn’t use any complicated hub layouts. The cables are also a breeze to install.

Additionally, you can install this system by simply running a perimeter cable around your spa and applying harness clips to affix lighting in various places along the perimeter line. The light system utilizes either master lights or controllers to start up the lighting programs.

K150 Light Controller FAQs

It’s easy to plug the Rising Dragon K150 Light Controller directly into the existing control system. Requires use of an external power supply. The Light Controller is a 2 wire system that features POL LED, 12 V input and 5 V output. Max points of light for the K150 is split into two lines at 75 each. Often used in Clearwater and Four Winds Spas.


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