Monopersulfate 3-in-1 Test Strips


Keep tabs on potassium monopersulfate levels to ensure water is healthy with Monopersulfate 3-in-1 Test Strips. They also check for alkalinity and pH.


Do you use a mineral purification system for your pool or spa? You need to keep a close eye on the potassium monopersulfate levels to ensure your water is healthy and clear. Fortunately, AquaChek offers test strips for exactly this purpose. Monopersulfate 3-in-1 test strips also check for total alkalinity and pH levels. Dip the test strip into the water for one second and remove it. Accurate results will appear approximately 15 seconds later.

Monopersulfate 3-in-1 Test Strips FAQs

Bottle contains 50 test strips for your convenience. When testing a swimming pool, be sure to use a test strip on each end of the pool. One test strip is sufficient for a spa. Use at least twice a week.

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions1.5 x 4 x 8 cm