Oreq Floating Blue & White Lighted Lilies


Floating Blue & White Lighted Lilies are lovely accessories to your spa or hot tub. They can be installed and allowed to float on the surface of the water.

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Fewer visions are prettier than lush aquatic flowers floating on top of a body of water. Water Lilies are no exception, and their tranquil and lovely appearance on the surface of your hot tub or spa will certainly be a hit with your guests. That’s where Floating Blue & White Lighted Lilies by Oreq come in. They can be installed and allowed to float on the surface of the water. These smoldering water flowers are quite the conversation starter!

Floating Blue & White Lighted Lilies FAQs

The Lilies come in hues of blue and white. They are also equipped with fuel cartridges that burn cleaner, brighter and longer than your average candle. As a matter of fact, each fuel cartridge burns about 10 hours on average. For a different, ethereal look, you can burn tea light candles in the place of the cartridges.

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