Pillow Button Replacement Fitting


Keeping your spa pillows operational is a must! The Pillow Button Replacement Fitting for a damaged or lost spa pillow button is handy & easy to install.


Spa pillows are a fantastic way to make the experience even better. After all, relaxing on a soft pillow is much nicer than the bottom of a spa. Additionally, these pillows provide a much-needed boost for children and individuals who are short. Therefore, keeping your spa pillows properly operational is a must! This Pillow Button Replacement Fitting can easily fix a damaged or lost spa pillow button. Easy to install and gray to match your pillow.

Pillow Button Replacement Fitting FAQs

This pillow button replacement from Waterway is a great thing to keep on hand. No matter how cautious you are with your spa pillows, they will eventually need new buttons. Without a replacement fitting on hand, your spa pillows will become useless.

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