Pina Colada Mood Crystals


Save time & money by bringing the aroma of the Caribbean to you with Pina Colada Mood Crystals. Adds sophistication & flirtatious energy to any hot tub!


Have you been fantasizing about a romantic encounter in the Caribbean? Save time and money by bringing the aroma of the Caribbean to you! In fact, Spazazz’s Pina Colada Mood Crystals adds sophistication and flirtatious energy to any spa, hot tub, bathtub or whirlpool. Pour the quick dissolving crystals into the water to create the ideal spa date ambiance. Soak in the opulent luxury of natural extracts, minerals, vitamins and soothing Aloe Vera.

Pina Colada Mood Crystals FAQs

You’ll certainly fantasize numerous times with a 17 ounce container of Pina Colada Mood Crystals. Aromatherapy product additionally contains natural stress relievers and anti-inflammatory properties. Oil free formula means you don’t have to scrub film or residue off of your spa’s surface. Also safe for acrylics and won’t alter pH levels.

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