Pink Grapefruit Liquid Aromatherapy


Enhance your next spa experience with Pink Grapefruit Liquid Aromatherapy! Designed by inSPAration, it covers the chemical odors of any spa.


Enhance your next spa experience by adding the delightful aroma of Pink Grapefruit Liquid Aromatherapy! This aromatherapy liquid designed by inSPAration covers the chemical odors of any spa. Additionally, immersing yourself in such a pleasing scent is relaxing and invigorating. Ideal for usage by individuals, couples or a large spa party. Your skin will also benefit from added moisturizers and vitamins.

Pink Grapefruit Liquid Aromatherapy FAQs

Add two to three capfuls for your spa and one capful for a bathtub. Oil free so it will not leave a residue. Not to mention it is foam free and bubble free. Will not change your spa’s chemical or pH levels. Safe for pumps, jets, acrylics and filters. Use Pink Grapefruit to liven up your next spa, bathtub, hot tub or whirlpool soak.

Additional information

Weight.6 kg
Dimensions2 x 2 x 6 cm