Rebuild Sport Therapy RX


Being physically active is great for your health but can leave you feeling sore. Soothe your muscles & rebuild physical energy w/ Rebuild Sport Therapy RX!


Being physically active is great for your health, but it can leave you feeling very sore. Soothe your muscles and rebuild your physical energy with Rebuild Sport Therapy RX from Spazazz! In fact, these potent and  therapeutic aromatherapy crystals contain natural anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties. Another key point: Skin softeners leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Contains all-natural botanicals, herbs and minerals, including Aloe Vera. Long-lasting scent and performance.

Rebuild Sport Therapy RX FAQs

You’ll get several usages out of this 19 ounce container of Rebuild Sport Therapy RX. Oil free formula. No residue or film will accumulate on your spa’s surfaces. Safe for acrylic surfaces, pumps, filters and other spa equipment. Does not alter pH levels. Will not cause bubbles or foam. Water remains clean and clear.

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