Goodview Geek Rubber Duck


The Goodview Geek Rubber Duck is cool and geeky at the same time. This friendly, yellow guy puts a new twist on the classic Rubber Duck series.

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Geeks have their own traditional spot in the computer and book stores, but up until now they’ve never been honored with their own Rubber Duck likeliness. Enter the Goodview Geek Rubber Duck. This friendly, yellow guy puts a new twist on the classic Rubber Duck series and pays homage to geek chic.

Furthermore, this glasses-clad fella doesn’t belong in the library, either. He belongs in your spa or hot tub during get-togethers. When conversation drifts away from Star Trek and Doctor Who, you and your guests will be sure to talk about one or more of your “geeky duckys” that float by.

Goodview Geek Rubber Duck FAQS

Geek Rubber Ducks are balanced and weighted in order to float smoothly across the water without tip overs. The black glasses and blue shirt are part of the rubber construct and can’t be removed. But you knew that, right?


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