Scuba Duck Thermometer


Regular thermometers in plain view can be unsightly. The good news is that the Scuba Duck Thermometer is loads of fun and is also very easy on the eyes!

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You need to keep an eye on the temperature of your pool or spa. However, having a regular thermometer in plain sight may not fit into your decorating scheme. The good news is that thermometers come disguised in many forms, including this fun Scuba Duck Thermometer! From the outside, this will look like nothing more than a rubber duck. It will float on the surface of your pool or spa and constantly update its temperature readings.

Scuba Duck Thermometer FAQs

This rubber ducky thermometer from Assurance is bright, colorful and easy to spot. It is decked out in scuba diving gear to add a fun twist. Allow the Scuba Duck Thermometer to float around and check the temperature whenever it comes near!

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