The Cover Guy Scumball


The Cover Guy Scumball attracts and absorbs oils, suncreen and lotions from the water.

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The Cover Guy Scumball

Hot tubs and spas are great fun and relaxation for all seasons, but they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary. Keep your hot tub and spa scum and debris free with our easy to use and affordable The Cover Guy Scumball.

The Cover Guy Scumball attracts and absorbs oils, sunscreen and lotions from the water. This item is compatible with pools and spas. Place the Scumball in the water and allow it to freely float for best results. A simple solution that helps you avoid scrubbing your hot tub and pool walls.

Fits all sizes of hot tubs and spas. Can also be used in pools.


  • Easy to use – freely floats
  • Absorbs oil, lotions and suncreen
  • Compatible with all types of hot tubs, spas and pools
  • Affordable

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All The Cover Guy products are brought to you with quality, safety, and value in mind as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing our customers with products that last longer, and perform better than any others available on the market. Don’t forget to check out our other hot tub and spa products! As a one-stop-shop for your hot tub, we have everything you need including, covers, filters, lifters, chemicals and accessories! The quality of our materials and workmanship are second to none.

Made in the USA. Perfect for all hot tubs and spas.


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