Seat Cushion EZ Inner-Cushion


Is sitting in your spa uncomfortable? Or do or you have difficulty  keeping your head above water? This is solved with the Seat Cushion EZ Inner-Cushion!


Is the bottom of your spa less comfortable than you would like? Or perhaps you have a difficult time sitting while keeping your head firmly above the water line? Both of these issues are easy to address with the Seat Cushion EZ Inner-Cushion with Suction Cups! This nicely cushioned piece enables you to stay comfortable while soaking in the spa.

Seat Cushion EZ Inner-Cushion FAQs

Comes in a neutral gray to suit all color schemes. Representative image may not showcase the gray color. Suction cups on the bottom enable you or your guests to keep the cushion in one place. Sized 12” x 15” to provide ample sitting room. Constructed from heat-resistant, heavy duty materials. Comes with an internal cushion for added comfort.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions15 x 12 x 3 cm