SPA SEAL Security Strap


The SPA SEAL Security Strap offers the ultimate in security and protection from loss. The Strap prevents the cover blowing off and unauthorized use of your spa.


Your hot tub is a relaxing oasis, and it deserves to be well-protected. Spa Seal’s Security Strap makes it possible to ensure that the cover never blows off on a windy day. Additionally, the security provided by this strap will help prevent unauthorized usage of your hot tub.

Security Strap Specs

This black strap can be mounted directly to the platform decking or spa cabinet. The adjustable polypropylene strapping is two inches wide. Each kit comes with 16” of the strapping for your convenience. Spa Seal’s design includes fully stainless steel hardware that is easy to lock. The strapping also comes equipped with UV resistance to protect your investment.

Additional information

Weight2 kg