Spazazz Kiwi Pear Aromatherapy Crystals


Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals make each soak in the spa even more relaxing! Their Kiwi Pear crystals offer the delightful scent of pears and kiwis.


Spazazz Kiwi Pear Aromatherapy Crystals make each soak in the spa or bathtub even more relaxing! The delightful scent of pears and kiwis provides a unique and deeply enjoyable experience. Additionally, this fresh and exotic mixture is perfect for usage alone, during a spa party or with a special guest. in fact, just add approximately one handful to your spa to experience an aromatic and luxurious experience.

Kiwi Pear Aromatherapy Crystals FAQs

This 22 ounce jar contains enough Kiwi Pear Aromatherapy Crystals for several uses! Crystals dissolve in the water without causing bubbles, foam, residue or film. Another key pint is that the all-natural ingredients include skin moisturizers, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory agents. Does not alter the chemical levels of your spa. For usage with acrylic surfaces, bathtubs, spas, whirlpools and hot tubs.

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