Spazazz Verbena Lime Coconut Elixir



Are you looking for the perfect way to enhance your spa environment? Then Spazazz Verbena Lime Coconut Elixir is the perfect choice! Verbena Lime Coconut is a tropical aromatherapy fragrance that adds a crisp, fruity air to your spa. Because of this, it nicely covers up your spa’s chemical odors. Another key point is that added moisturizers will leave your skin feeling luxurious after soaking alone, with a partner or during a spa party.

Verbena Lime Coconut Elixir FAQs

The 12 ounce bottle of Verbena Lime Coconut Elixir is long-lasting. In fact, only two capfuls will change the ambiance of your hot tub, whirlpool or spa. One capful is ideal for a bathtub! Formulated for safe usage with all acrylics, plumbing and spa equipment. Oil free to ensure that no residue or film is left behind.

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