Stringed MP Thermometer on Backboard


You may find it hard keeping track of temperatures in your spa. However, you can easily gauge temperatures using the Stringed MP Thermometer on Backboard!

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Are you keeping proper track of the temperature in your pool or spa? Keep in mind that failure to do so could lead to a very uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily see the temperature by using the Stringed MP Thermometer on Backboard! This simple to read thermometer goes up to 50 degrees Celsius. Comes with a string for easy tethering and grabbing. Also comes equipped with a white with blue top to stand out for easy spotting.

Stringed MP Thermometer FAQs

This thermometer’s design makes it the ideal solution for tying to the side of your spa or pool. Find out the temperature right away without paying an exorbitant amount of money. This MP product is simple but effective. Long-lasting performance. Check the water temperature regularly.

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