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AquaChek TruTest Digital Strip Reader


The proper chemical equilibrium in your spa is essential, and the TruTest Digital Strip Reader makes it simple to ensure that your levels are balanced.

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Product Description

The chemical balance in your pool or spa is essential, so you need to test it regularly. Get the best results every single time by turning to the AquaChek TruTest Digital Strip Reader! This handy device makes it amazingly simple to ensure that your levels are properly balanced. Insert the test strip as indicated to get fast results on an easy to read LED screen.

AquaChek TruTest Digital Strip Reader FAQs

The AquaChek TruTest comes in an attractive blue that makes it easy to spot. Design fits in the palm of your hand; allows for ease of testing your pool or spa. Has 25 free test strips to get you started! Accurate results tell you the current pH, chlorine, total alkalinity and bromine levels.

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